Boss UTV Plow

Boss UTV Plow
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Product at a Glance
Category: Hydraulic UTV Plow
Manufacturer: The Boss
Model: UTV Plow
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
Material: Polyethylene or Stainless Steel
Truck Required: UTV

Video: Boss UTV Plow in Action

360° View with Feature Highlights

Click the videos below to see the key features of the UTV plows. The videos also include a 360° view of the product. The Poly plow is 6' with a straight blade and the Steel plow is 6'6" with a V-Blade.

Straight Blade

Poly Plow 6' Wide


Steel Plow 6'6" Wide

Features Included with the UTV Plow

The UTV plows ship with a wide variety of great features to fight the snow. They have a SmartShield finish that ensures a great looking plow for many years to come. The heavy duty trip springs are torture tested to perform in the toughest environments.

Additional Features Include:

  • High Performance Cutting Edge
  • High Performance Hydraulic Package
  • Enclosed Hydraulics
  • Chainless Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting System
  • Full Moldboard Trip Design
  • Heavy Duty Push Frame
  • Reinforced Moldboard
  • Unmatched Ground Clearance
  • Highest Blade Lift
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

V-Plow vs Straight Plow

Most professionals prefer the V-Plow these days due to its versatility. A V-Plow can do everything a straight plow can do with the addition of V and Scoop postions.With the remote, you can easily select a variety of blade positions. Straight plows are great for driveways and homeowners, but the V-Plow will do the job much faster.

For some jobs, a Straight plow is perfectly fine. If the V and Scoop positions don't mean anything to you, a Straight plow would be the right choice.

Selecting Poly or Steel

Poly, short for Polyethylene, is often compared to Stainless Steel. Both have corrosion resistant materical and are much better than mild steel plows. Stainless Steel Boss plows come standard with Boss' SmartShield protection layer that ensures your plow will have a long-lasting high gloss shine.

However, Poly has a few solid advantages. Stainless steel plows are not as flexible as as Poly, giving Poly the advantage when it comes to dent resistance and crack resistance. Poly is also more slippery than stainless steel - snow/ice fly off the plow which makes the job quicker. This also causes less friction or drag, which allows the job to be done with less fuel consumption. Stainless steel will also rattle over time...Poly will not.

UTV Plow Comparison Chart

Specifications 6' Poly Straight Blade 6'6" Steel V-Blade
Blade Width (Straight) 72" (183 cm) 78" (198 cm)
Blade Width (V Position) N/A 66 3/4" (175 cm)
Blade Width (Scoop) N/A 66 1/2" (167 cm)
Blade Height 24 1/2" (62 cm) 25" (64 cm) inside to 30 1/2" (77 cm) outside
Blade Weight 314 lbs (142.73 kg) 400 lbs (181.82 kg)
Blade Material 1/4" Poly 14-GA Steel
Vertical Support Ribs 4 6
Product Details
Name: UTV Plow
Manufacturer: The Boss
Comparitive Chart: Differences Shown Below
Cutting Edge: 1/4" x 4" (.60 cm x 10 cm)
Undercarriage: Sloped profile (trail compatible)
Blade Shoes: Optional
Trip Springs: 2
Tripping Mechanism: Full-Blade Trip Design
Plow Lifting: Hydraulic
Plow Angling: Hydraulic
Attachment System: RT3 (SmartHitch 2 Optional)
Hydraulic Package: High Performance (comes off with plow)
Plow Lights (Optional): Headlight Kit
Comparitive Chart: Differences Shown Below